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April 24th, 2018

UK Considering the Launch of their Own Satellite Navigation System — Blowup with EU Over Galileo Possible Restrictions

The UK's Telegraph online news site has reported that Britain is considering launching a rival satellite navigation system to the EU's Galileo project after being shut out of key elements of the program.

The move comes amid a deepening row with Brussels over whether Britain can continue to be trusted with Europe's most sensitive security information in the wake of the Brexit vote.

The UK's Business Secretary, Greg Clark, was said to be taking legal advice on whether the Government can recoup the the 1.4 billion euro the nation has already invested in the program since 2003, after being blocked from the most sensitive elements.

Airbus has issued a hard-hitting warning about the dangers of Britain being pushed out of pan-European space and defence projects despite the UK quitting the EU.

Tom Enders, chief executive of the giant aerospace group, said that the region’s security relies on Britain being a part of such programs.

The alert came days after Theresa May spoke out about Britain being excluded from the EU space agency Galileo and Copernicus satellite projects after Brexit, following warnings from industry executives.

To read more regarding this development, please visit this direct link to the Telegraph news item.