Satnews Daily
November 14th, 2014

Glowlink's Latest Patent Leaps Ahead to Overcome Those Pesky Interference Issues

[SatNews] ...addresses one of the most vexing problems in communications systems: It re-defines the extent to which active, noise-inducing interferences can be isolated and removed from a communications signal.

Glowlink today announced they have been awarded their third patent for the trademarked interference removal technology known as Communications Signal Interference Remover, or CSIR™.  This technology, already available in a number of advanced products marketed by the company, is a leap ahead in the ability to remove interference from communications. Learn more about Glowlink's CSIR™ here.

"I am ecstatic,” said Michael Downey, Glowlink’s Chief Technology Officer, “this technology represents the future of interference mitigation, and this patent award timing is lining up nicely with our GS380 series product release this year.”

Glowlink recently released three products applying CSIR™ technology: The GS380X Interference Remover, the GS380S Signal Separator, and the GS380L Geolocation Signal Enhancement System, each of which applies the technology to a different aspect of satellite communications.

“The truth is, CSIR™ has broad, powerful application beyond satellite comms.  It can be applied to any digitally-modulated carrier and across a variety of communications platforms.  These patents are just the first step to achieving its full potential.”

In addition to U.S. patent awards, CSIR™ patents are currently pending in Patent Treaty Countries (PTC) around the world.

Glowlink, located in Silicon Valley, California, develops high-end satellite communications and interference mitigation equipment and services.