Satnews Daily
September 5th, 2017

SKY Perfect JSAT Signs SpaceX to Launch JCSAT-18 / Kacific-1 Satellite

Representative Director, President and CEO Chief Executive Officer of SKY Perfect JSAT corporation, Shinji Takada, has cemented into place a contract for a launch service for the firm's JCSAT-18 communications satellite with Space Exploration Technologies.

Artistic rendition of the JCSAT-18 / Kacific-1 satellite.

JCSAT-18 is a Ku- and Ka-band HTS mission over APAC that includes far east Russia, as well. Over east Asia, the satellite will offer wide-beam coverage over East Asia to address mobility and broadband demands as well as government and cellular backhaul demands.

The satellite is a condominium satellite and will be shared with Kacific Broadband Satellites Pte. Ltd. (Kacific), a Singapore-based satellite operator, that will operate Ka-band HTS satellite broadband services under the satellite's name — Kacific-1.