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March 21st, 2018

WTA's Report Answers Just How Large is the Teleport Industry

So many considerations in determining the various aspects of the Teleport Market, and this report from WTA due out next week, is ambitious addressing everything from employment to facilities and more. 

World Teleport Association (WTA) offers the upcoming WTA research report: Sizing the Teleport Market

How large is the teleport industry in terms of facilities, companies, revenue, antennas in operation, full-time employment, and spending on satellite capacity, fiber capacity and technology?

How much revenue is generated per teleport and per employee on average?

Where are the hot spots for teleport operations?

WTA will conduct a new market sizing study, updating information last published in 2010, to present a financial and statistical picture of the industry as it exists in 2018.

Sizing the Teleport Market will be released next week and you can learn more here.

WTA also provides its members with access to business opportunities around the world through detailed profiles in the Marketplace, a searchable online directory of providers. By placing them as speakers and panelists at industry gatherings –and providing discounts on registration for their employees – they provide exposure to an international audience of potential customers. WTA guides them to potential customers and strategic allies within their membership and opens the door for them with personal introductions.