Satnews Daily
February 26th, 2014

Newtec—Scalability + Flexibility That Embraces Change (Multiservice Platform)

[SatNews] Satellite communications specialist Newtec marks March 2014 as the launch of Newtec Dialog®, a scalable and flexible multiservice platform which allows operators to build and adapt their infrastructure easily as their business and the satellite market grows and changes.

The Newtec Dialog platform can be used to address the consumer and enterprise VSAT, broadcast, cellular backhaul and trunking, as well as government and defense markets. Newtec Dialog gives operators the power to offer a variety of new services on one platform always in the knowledge that they are using the most optimal modulation and bandwidth allocation.

Efficiency: Newtec Dialog enables the most optimal modulation and bandwidth allocation technologies. Newtec’s engineers have invented a new and patented return link technology called Mx-DMA™. Together with the new HighResCoding™, it combines the best of both worlds and enables services to run more efficiently than ever before over satellite, while still providing the option to have the platform also run in either SCPC or MF-TDMA. Jo De Loor, Product Manager at Newtec concluded: “Using this new mix of return technologies typically results in doubling the transponder throughput using the same bandwidth, or alternatively allows service providers to serve twice as many customers as before while not spending a penny more on space segment.”

Scalability: Newtec Dialog offers you a platform to build your business to the size you need it. The platform is designed to be used for every type of networking: from the very smallest, with for example five remotes, up to the very largest, having hundreds of thousands of remotes, from single coverage to multi-spot High Throughput Satellite (HTS) networks. Serge Van Herck, CEO at Newtec said: “Additionally, operators can invest as the business grows, the HUB scalability and flexibility enables low up-front CAPEX requirements.”

Flexibility: Newtec Dialog allows you to adapt your infrastructure easily as your business changes. Newtec Dialog is built to allow flexibility in the choice of technology and equipment, but also the types of services and applications available, ensuring a completely flexible focus for the businesses using it. Jean-Pierre De Muyt, VP Strategic Business Development at Newtec: “The versatility of Newtec Dialog now gives operators the power to make decisions on their technology of choice without having to worry about the continuous evolution of end-users’ applications and requirements.”

Meet Newtec Dialog, the platform that embraces change, at SATELLITE (March 11th through 13th, 2014) and CABSAT 2014 (March 11th through 14th, 2014).

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