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June 3rd, 2019

Marlink Floats New ITLink Portfolio at Nor-Shipping 2019 ... Simplifies Fleet Wide Digitalization and Compliance 

Ensuring that an IT task at sea can be accomplished in an easier manner, and that it saves time and money is surely welcome onboard any vessel. Marlink has such a solution. The ITLink suite is designed to service the maritime industry as a standalone service with fleet wide standardization and digitalization for ship owners, and the ITLink portfolio will be available at stand BO2-16 at the Nor-Shipping 2019 in Lillestrøm, Norway, June 4-7.

Marlink has launched ITLink, a complete portfolio of IT solutions for standardizing, simplifying and automating IT operations at sea and delivering substantial time and cost savings related to on board network IT administration and management through advanced dashboard and intelligent applications. This is more important than ever to ensure to take all the advantages of remote IT intervention onboard, 24/7 monitoring of onboard IT environment and increase the level of compliance with reference to upcoming regulations such as IMO2021 and TSMA version 3.  

ITLink also provides deep transparency via an IT-specific advanced online dashboard, which includes continuously updated PC and server status information.

ITLink is available standalone or fully integrated with Marlink’s global multi-band Sealink network and the XChange centralized communications management system. Crucially, it can also relieve Marlink customers of the time-consuming and stressful task of updating onboard networks and applications. Automated updates can reduce the time to secure, i.e., thousands of onboard PCs on a fleet with more than 100 vessels to a few days, while manual updates are known to be problematic and can take several months for a similar number of PCs. More than1,000 ships are already saving time and money on IT updates using Marlink’s IT automation services.

ITLink is offered in three levels; Design, Deliver and Manage. In the initial Design phase, Marlink’s expert team will identify elements to standardize and automate to ensure the highest levels of maritime IT compliance and work with them to organize a scalable, adaptable, automated and cost-effective vessel IT environment. The Deliver phase, meanwhile, will ensure that clients take benefit of Marlink’s efficient large-scale delivery capabilities on both It and connectivity. Finally, the Manage phase provides high-quality fleet management which simultaneously protects clients’ IT environments with a range of maintenance services. Each phase is ring-fenced with Marlink’s cyber security expertise, bolstered with a comprehensive suite of solutions from the company’s Cyber Guard portfolio.

“Marlink already has complete management of IT services on more than 1,000 vessels, providing ship owners with a secure, compliant platform on which to run their applications,” says Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink. “By working in close cooperation with our customers, our team will ensure that clients secure and future-proof their IT environment with our cutting-edge technology and the adoption of best-practice procedures to meet new regulations including TMSA v3 and IMO 2021”.