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March 23rd, 2016

Harris CapRock Is The One...Transocean's Fleet Enlists Harris CapRock One In A Multi Year Contract 

[Satnews] Harris CapRock Communications will install its Harris CapRock One system on Transocean’s entire fleet as part of a multi-year contract renewal for complete managed communications services.  The contract provides satellite communications services and includes the industry’s most intelligent communications service on all current vessels, as well as pending new builds.  

“Harris CapRock is providing us with a complete communications solution founded on breakthrough technology that delivers robust, always-on service anywhere in the world,” said Steve Fraser, IT director, Transocean.  “They offered us the flexibility to control our costs and the ability to be more agile in responding to the market.”

 The managed end-to-end communications solution includes teleport and satellite services, backhaul, dedicated bandwidth for crew Internet, traffic optimization and cyber security services.  The upgrade to Harris CapRock One will provide improved system performance while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.  The new solution will more than double available bandwidth for the Transocean fleet, while providing a single worldwide bandwidth price.  The pricing model simplifies forecasting and planning for the fleet situated in locations such as the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, Brazil, Asia Pacific, Africa’s West Coast and United Arab Emirates.

“We are delighted with Transocean’s decision to upgrade to the Harris CapRock One solution as part of their contract renewal,” said Tracey Haslam, president, Harris CapRock.  “Harris CapRock One will not only improve reliability and lower costs, but provide future-proof technology for Transocean’s operations moving forward.”