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April 16th, 2015

Winegard + Accelerated Media Technologies Make Their Own News...Bring On Game-Changing VSAT Performance

WV750A .75 m Antenna

[SatNews] Winegard, an antenna design and development company, announced a strategic partnership with Accelerated Media Technologies, supplier of news vehicles, to provide the new WV750 VSAT antenna for AMT’s broadcast vehicles.

“Winegard’s WV750A Ka VSAT antenna provides a game changing solution for the SNG market,” said AMT President Tom Jennings. “First, the system’s value and size makes it cost effective to mount on small vehicles used by smaller TV stations. Second, its ease of use makes it no longer necessary to have a trained engineer to set-up the system for operation. One person can set-up the system for communication and report the news.”

Jennings continued: “Winegard’s tremendous value enables us to recommend a VSAT system on every broadcast vehicle we sell. Winegard’s system performs to our highest standards of quality and we are proud to offer the system to our customers.”

Winegard’s WV750 is authorized for use on ViaSat Exede® Enterprise service.