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June 18th, 2012

Intelsat... A Veritable Bevy Of Deals (SATCOM)

Artistic renditions of (from top to bottom) Intelsat 18, 10, 8 and 19 satellites.
[SatNews] Intelsat S.A.has signed several capacity agreements with...

...leading media and network services customers in Asia-Pacific. The agreements demonstrate the continued strong demand for network infrastructure and media distribution in the region. Telecom New Zealand recently expanded its agreement with Intelsat for capacity on Intelsat 18 at 180 degrees East. The company will continue to provide Internet services between New Zealand and the Solomon Islands and Palau, which are located in the South Pacific.

India-based Mavis Satcom, Ltd. signed a multi-year renewal agreement for satellite capacity on Intelsat 10 at 68.5 degrees East, which will allow for the continued distribution of four popular regional television channels—Jaya TV, Jaya Plus, Jaya Max and Jaya Movies—throughout the Indian subcontinent. Intelsat 10 is expected to be replaced by Intelsat 20 when it launches in the third quarter of 2012.

TVB Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary company of Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), also recently signed a multi-year agreement for renewal of its Ku-band capacity on Intelsat 8 at 166 degrees East, allowing the company to deliver Chinese programming content across Australia and New Zealand. The service is expected to transition later this year from Intelsat 8 to Intelsat 19, which was launched on June 1st.

Finally, South Korean telecommunications company Onse Telecom, one of the largest providers of telephone, broadband and Internet access in South Korea, recently signed an agreement for additional capacity on Intelsat 8 and Intelsat 10. The agreement will enable Onse Telecom to begin distributing content from Korean broadcaster KBS in high-definition across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Onse Telecom’s services are expected to transition to Intelsat 19 and Intelsat 20 later this year.

“It’s clear that demand for broadband infrastructure in Asia-Pacific is driving strong growth in the media and telecommunications sectors, including wireless, maritime, and content distribution applications,” said Terry Bleakley, Intelsat’s VP of Asia-Pacific Sales. “Intelsat’s commitment to bring three new satellites to the region in 2012—Intelsat 22, Intelsat 19 and Intelsat 20—will let our customers expand their businesses and service platforms and meet the needs of their end-users. Intelsat is also addressing the growth in maritime requirements through the deployment of our global mobility network, scheduled for completion in early 2013.”

Intelsat also recently announced the launch of the Intelsat EpicNG satellite platform, a new series of satellites based upon a high performance, open architecture design.

For more information, please visit the Intelsat booth (Hall C – Booth IS3-01) at CommunicAsia2012.