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August 24th, 2015

HISPASAT Takes On The Digital Divide + Delivers Connectivity In Colombia Through Kioscos Vive Digital

[SatNews]  ...to ensure 100 percent of towns with over 100 inhabitants in Colombia have at least one communal Internet access point

Spanish satellite telecommunications operator HISPASAT announces the universal connectivity services is providing through its satellites in order to reduce the digital divide in Colombia, as part of the Kioscos Vive Digital government project. The event took advantage of the arrival of the expedition members of the Ruta BBVA 2015, for which HISPASAT has been the technological collaborator for 12 years. The president of HISPASAT, Elena Pisonero; Director of Conectivity and Leader of the projects of Optical Fiber,

Alta Velocidad's Connectivity, Digital Connections and Points and Kioscos (MinTIC), Luis Fernando Lozano; Gabriel Martínez, president of NEC de Colombia; and Andrés Ciudad, the assistant manager of the Ruta BBVA, were all present at the press conference. 

The temporary joint venture between HISPASAT and NEC successfully won in December, 2013 the MinTIC bid to install, operate and manage 648 digital Kioscos in seven provinces in the country, as part of the second stage of the Kioscos Vive Digital initiative, the objective of which is to ensure 100 percent of towns with over 100 inhabitants in Colombia have at least one communal Internet access point. Since then, the Amazonas, Boyacá, Caldas, Cundinamarca, Guainía, Risaralda and Vaupés provinces have been given access to the Internet, national and international telephone services, computer literacy and electronic government, among many others. 

Satellite technology represents a great step forwards in terms of consolidating universal access to communications. The satellite solution provided by HISPASAT enables telephone services and Internet connections to be established regardless of the geographical location of the user, via the simple installation of a small antenna, thus bringing advanced broadband services, which up until now were only available in large cities, to rural areas. 

In order to deliver the service to the Ruta BBVA on their journey around Colombia, HISPASAT collaborated with the Colombian company Bansat, which has provided the technical assistance and the equipment necessary in order for the satellite connection to work correctly. The itinerary includes many areas where connectivity is very low quality or there is none at all, and the only possible solution for good communication services is a satellite connection. 

A Kiosco Vive Digital Móvil for the Ruta BBVA 2015 

In addition, this year the Ruta BBVA has had a Kiosco Vive Digital Móvil, which is operated by NEC de Colombia and uses HISPASAT’s satellite capacity, to provide satellite Internet access and voice and data service to the organisation, expeditions members and journalists as they travel through Colombia. Thanks to this collaboration with MinTIC and NEC, the travellers have had access to four computers and a permanent Internet connection that enabled them to send emails and information throughout their journey. 

Luis Fernando Lozano said that “with this Kiosco Vive Digital Móvil, we want to show the expedition members how we provide Internet services in remote areas, as part of our strong commitment to bring technology to the lives of every Colombian. Today we have 6,668 Kioscos Vive Digital that already benefit and train Colombian farmers.”

Elena Pisonero highlighted that “satellites are a very important infrastructure in countries where the land networks are less extended and there are still regions that do not have access to the Information Society”. For the president of HISPASAT, the Kioscos Vive Digital are “a strong and necessary initiative, since it has opened the doors to the digital world for many Colombians, who until now had remained excluded, and as a result, has promoted economic and social development.” 

Gabriel Martínez added that “NEC has established the creation of ‘Innovative Social Value’ as its main aim and corporative vision, thus orchestrating the technological and scientific environment like an instrument in the hands of men. Projects such as Kioscos Vive Digital are a great opportunity for the NEC Corporation to develop its aim towards a fairer, more informed, entertaining and capable society, which drives Colombians to reach their maximum potential.”

According to Andrés Ciudad, “HISPASAT’s support of the Ruta BBVA over the last twelve years has been key to being able to establish the necessary communications in remote areas that would not have otherwise been possible. Their commitment to stimulate development and cultural exchanges in Spanish-speaking countries is the reason why this collaboration has endured for so long.”