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January 21st, 2015

HughesNet® Gen4 Is Smart ... Enables More For Less Browsing, Downloading + Data Usage 

[SatNet] Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) announced a full array of updated HughesNet® Gen4 service plans featuring a new generation of performance-enhancing innovations in downloading, browsing and data usage management.

The Gen4 plans with Hughes SmartTechnologies™ let customers do more of what they want online without interruptions or running over their monthly data allowances. Drawing on Hughes’ decades of experience in satellite technology and service delivery, SmartTechnologies improve data compression, website loading, and media download speeds. The new Gen4 plans also dramatically increase Bonus Bytes to 50 GB/month, giving customers even more options for staying connected.

“Hughes invented satellite Internet and is constantly innovating to enhance our customers’ online experiences,” said Mike Cook, senior vice president, Hughes. “As the clear market leader, with over a million active users in North America, we strive to make HughesNet the best solution for people to enjoy all the benefits of high-speed Internet access no matter where they live or work—even in exurban and rural areas with limited terrestrial broadband.”

The SmartTechnologies suite consists of four tools—SmartFetch™, SmartCompression™, SmartBrowsing™ and SmartResources™—that compresses data more efficiently, speeds downloads, improves web browsing, and helps the subscriber optimize their data usage. Three SmartTechnologies tools automatically manage data handling in the background for maximum user convenience. The fourth, SmartResources, shows customers their data allowance and enables them to add data to their plan with tokens if they see they’re going to need more bandwidth.

  • SmartFetch: speeds website loading by reducing the number of “hops” needed to retrieve content.
  • SmartCompression: shrinks web data by up to 30 percent so subscribers can download more content while using less of their data allowances.
  • SmartBrowsing: allows subscribers to continue emailing and browsing even if they exceed their monthly data allowance. SmartBrowsing is available in designated areas and on select service plans.
  • SmartResources: puts the user in full control of their bandwidth management. Status Meter shows monthly data allowance at a glance and notifies SmartBrowsing users when the service kicks in.