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March 28th, 2018

Iridium's Certus™ Footprint Just Got Bigger Thanks to Speedcast

Iridium Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:IRDM) announced they will become a land-mobile service provider of its next-generation satellite broadband technology, Iridium Certus™, for Speedcast.

Iridium's Certus™ footprint has expanded as Speedcast and other service providers engage Certus' services with on-the-move vehicles, assets and teams. Certus supports global communications solutions enabling capabilities such as real-time vehicle tracking, internet, phone and data transfer, all from one service.

As a global maritime launch partner for Iridium Certus, Speedcast will bring its international network and expertise to the Iridium Certus land-mobile program as well.  Tim Bailey, Executive Vice President, Products, Marketing, and Business Development, Speedcast said they are excited to continue working with Iridium to expand their portfolio of services with Iridium Certus. Iridium Certus will greatly complement their Speedcast Atlas™ managed services portfolio delivering reliable communications to end-users anywhere on the planet. We look forward to continuing working with Iridium for many years to come.

Specific to the land-mobile market, Iridium Certus will run on the new Thales MissionLINK™ terminal, for off-the-grid public safety, utility, oil and gas, military and non-government organization applications. Iridium Certus will offer cost-effective, reliable and global L-band satellite broadband communications that can smoothly transition between satellite and cellular connectivity as needed, providing the end-user flexibility.   

Josh Miner, vice president, land-mobile line of business, Iridium said that expanding their global partner ecosystem is a key component of their Iridium Certus strategy. For the land-mobile market, Iridium Certus is ideal for customers operating vehicles on the move and in remote areas.  The solution can act as a multi-service communications platform, supporting all connectivity needs or as a complementary solution, filling the gaps in coverage where cellular falls short.  It will allow customers to configure terminals to match their specific needs and requirements, helping to control costs and provide a seamless experience, which is raising the bar within the industry. They are looking forward to expanding their partnership with Speedcast and rolling out the service in the coming months.

Testing of the Iridium Certus service is already underway and will be commercially introduced in a series of service classes.  Current focus is on the 352 Kbps speed class and will be updated to 704 Kpbs through a firmware update available at a later date. The service will operate on the Iridium® network and will leverage the inherent advantages of the constellation. Through its unique architecture of 66 low Earth orbit crosslinked satellites, Iridium Certus will provide a global reach that is reliable for mobile and remote applications, even in rugged terrain and inclement weather.  

Iridium Certus is enabled by the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation, which is in the process of replacing the original Iridium network.  To date, there have been four successful Iridium NEXT launches, deploying more than half of the new constellation. Four additional launches are planned for 2018.