Satnews Daily
December 11th, 2017

ETL Systems to Bring a Griffin and a Hurricane to CABSAT

CABSAT will be attracting numerous companies with exciting products and this company is bringing new items to show.

ETL Systems, a designer and manufacturer of RF signal distribution equipment for satellite communications, will be demonstrating its new Griffin Redundancy Switch and 64 x 64 Hurricane Matrix on its stand ZB6-C61 at CABSAT on the 14th-16th January.

The Griffin series provides signal redundancy for satellite modulators, downconverters, or modems. The flexible design of the chassis can house up to two 2x1 redundancy switches, with a choice of 3 switch modules; L-band, DC-2500MHz and Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) available. The Griffin can be populated with a single module of any type, or, two modules of the same type. It can be used in sync mode; enabling switching to a standby path when an error occurs. Alternatively, both modules could be operated as standalone 2x1 (1x2) redundancy switches
ETL will also be demonstrating its compact Hurricane Matrix, which provides L-band routing for up to 64 input and output feeds. It can handle multiple services, ensuring each feed is distributed to the correct place, while offering configurable inputs and outputs so that each satellite feed can be adapted with different features including variable gain, optical fibre inputs and LNB powering.
Ian Hilditch, CEO, ETL Systems commented  that CABSAT is a great event because of its strong focus on satellite and broadcast professionals. The industry is making leaps and bounds towards reducing error in satellites, and producing high quality system equipment. They will be demonstrating how ETL is contributing to this development at CABSAT.