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April 30th, 2018

UPDATED: The First International Conference on Satellite-Driven Bathymetry Set for June - Registration Open...

The first international conference on Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB Day 2018) is now open for registration to discuss key issues on capabilities, data integration and quality standards — the Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Technology and User Forum will be held on June 6 and 7, 2018, in the Bavarian Lake District near Munich, Germany.

According to the statistics maintained by the International Hydrographic Organization, more than 50 percent of the world's coastal waters have never been surveyed. However, there are many users who require current high-quality bathymetric information for this zone, highlighting the need to fill this data gap.

The Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB) technology helps to address this challenge. Initially established as a reconnaissance tool for shallow water bathymetry only, cutting-edge SDB techniques are increasingly used as a cost-efficient and rapid survey method for acquiring high-resolution bathymetric data down to water depths of 30 meters.

The use of this technology in applications such as safety of navigation, reconnaissance surveys, coastal zone management and hydrodynamic modeling is increasing significantly, and there is therefore a compelling need to discuss current technological capabilities, application requirements and suitable quality standards of SDB data.

The conference will host international speakers, panelists and participants from North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Topics will include quality assurance and uncertainties, integration and use concepts, standards and capacity building.

EOMAP (Earth Observation and Environment) , one of the sponsors, is organizing the conference.

Dr. Mathias Jonas, Secretary General of the International Hydrographic Organization, said that to unveil the amazing potential of Satellite-Derived Bathymetry in the framework of global bathymetry assessment, service providers and customers need to meet for joint considerations on actual capabilities, quality drivers and respective user requirements. This conference will be an excellent opportunity to discuss how to access and individually exploit SDB information for the full variety of use cases of a global coastal water management.”

Dr. Magnus Wettle, Managing Director of EOMAP Australia, noted that this event will create a unique opportunity for a broad spectrum of SDB stakeholders. The level of response received so far has demonstrated that SDB is now considered an established shallow water surveying and mapping tool, alongside more traditional methodologies

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit http://sdbday.org/.