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July 2nd, 2018

AtlanTecRF's Representatives of the Year Winners

Geoff Burling left presenting award to Jeff Holdsworth.

AtlanTecRF, a global RF and microwave equipment and component manufacturer that supplies a wide range of microwave and RF components and equipment to the global marketplace in aerospace, telecommunications, defense and scientific research, announced Tony Bocchimuzzo and Jeff Holdsworth from RF Electronic Sales Company, Inc as the winners of its ‘Representative of the Year’ Awards. 

Both Tony and Jeff have been recognized for their outstanding contribution to the sales of AtlanTecRF’s Satcom Equipment in North America.

Geoff Burling left presenting award to Tony Bocchimuzzo.

When asked about the award winners, Geoff Burling, AtlanTecRF’s CEO said that running our ‘Representative of the Year’ Awards gives AtlanTecRF a chance to recognize the work of our extensive network of representatives across the world. In Tony and Jeff, you have two sales people with a proven track record of developing and promoting the capabilities of our innovative satcom equipment portfolio to their customers. This makes both men worthy winners of these awards. 

With more than 30 years experience, their product range includes both standard and custom equipment as well as multi-function modules and sub-assemblies attenuators and amplifiers through couplers, connectors, isolators, power dividers to oscillators, switches, terminations and filters, and their capability stretches from KHz to THz.

AtlanTecRF's headquarters and R&D base is in Braintree, England and representatives and distributors worldwide are in New York State, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the United States and Ontario and Quebec in Canada.