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July 30th, 2014

Globecomm + PBJV Group—Barging Into The Charter Business (SATCOM)

[SatNews] The PBJV Group is required to provide a dedicated 512kbps uplink and downlink for as many as 300 staff members aboard the company's Kota Laksamana 101 barge, which was recently chartered to Malaysian energy company Petronas.

Globecomm, a global communications provider, will provide Ku-band VSAT connectivity with L-band back-up to the specialist vessel during its deployment in waters off Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Globecomm Asia Regional Sales Manager Kian Ong, who led the project, says the scope of Globecomm’s solution exceeded PBJV’s expectations, despite intense competition for the contract.

Coordinating between VSAT specialists in the US, The Netherlands, and Singapore, Globecomm installed and commissioned the equipment to meet the start of the charter in late April. Although PBJV specified a pure data solution via a single satellite beam, the below-deck equipment is also equipped with a VoIP solution. If Kota Laksamana 101 is awarded future charters in locations outside the current coverage, Globecomm can remotely re-configure the equipment to connect to other VSAT satellite operators.

Globecomm Maritime VSAT solutions deliver flat rate monthly pricing, with options that include hardware leasing for approved packages and customers, unlimited Ku-band usage and L-band airtime. This core package includes all components and the configurations required to provide the vessel with global, seamless, connectivity. The service provides ship and crew with always-on, unlimited bandwidth for business and personal applications, enabling users to maximize the benefits of a maritime broadband connection while relying on dedicated quality of service.

PBJV Assistant Technical Superintendent En Hisyam Ismail says the company chose Globecomm because of its ability to provide a flexible, high quality communications solution. “PBJV had very specific requirements from its communications partner for the Kota Laksamana 101 contract,” he said. “Our charterer wanted a guaranteed data rate for ship to shore connectivity and Globecomm’s creativity in providing a reliable high quality primary solution with a robust backup made them the natural choice.”

“We knew that the client had requested multiple quotes and, although we were not the cheapest, PBJV was convinced that we could provide the reliability of service that they need to keep their customer happy,” said Ong. “The quality of the Ku-band VSAT connectivity provided a flexible primary service and the unlimited L-Band failover was an added reliability component that gave the Globecomm solution a distinct advantage.”

For more information, please visit the Globecomm infosite at http://www.globecommsystems.com/

The PBJV Group's infosite may be reached at http://www.pbjv.com.my/