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March 7th, 2016

New ETL Systems Technologies Will Be On Parade @ CABSAT 2016

[Satnews] ETL Systems is showcasing its new technologies in RF distribution at this year’s CABSAT following major contract wins in the region.
ETL has designed new functionality and increased benefits into a series of advanced products, including its StingRay RF over Fiber and Dextra splitters and combiners. New StingRay models on show will include redundancy systems for reliability and standalone component modules, while new Dextra models now include options with integrated DC & 10MHz pass. Also on display will be ETL’s compact 128x128 Vulcan L-band Switch Matrix/Router and Alto variable gain line amplifiers. The Vulcan offers excellent RF performance and benefits from reduced power consumption and hot in-service expansion, while the Alto series of amplifiers offset signal loss from long runs of cables and passive splitters and combiners by providing gain.

The company’s presence at CABSAT follows major contract wins in the region, including QSAT Communications, which ordered eight of ETL’s new 10MHz pass Dextra combiner units for a multinational UAE based telecommunications service providers mobile VSAT systems. A 48 x 32 part populated Vortex L-band matrix with modular system splitters to provide variable gain, slope and LNB powering has also been ordered recently for a major television broadcaster in Dubai. A significant order was also placed for ETL’s 128x128 Vulcan and a 64x64 Vortex matrix by Hiltron for a large UAE broadcaster’s downlink and uplink systems.
CEO Ian Hilditch and newly appointed Sales Manager for the Middle East region, Mohamad Barada, will be among ETL representatives at the event to demonstrate the full range of ETL’s products and explain the benefits they can bring to teleports.