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March 7th, 2016
New ETL Systems Technologies Will Be On Parade @ CABSAT 2016
The company’s presence at CABSAT follows major contract wins in the region.
Sentinel-3A Rides The Waves
Just after the Synthetic Aperture Radar Altimeter (SRAL) instrument was turned on, it traced the height of the sea surface over a stretch of the North Atlantic, some of the most dynamic ocean waters in the world.
SpaceX Launches SES-9... Perfect Rocket Launch... Not So Much For The Return Trip
SES-9 is SES’s largest satellite to serve the Asia-Pacific region.
An Upwards Revised Revision To Leased HTS Capacity 2015 Estimates Published By Euroconsult
Total investments from the 25 operators who have combined to order nearly 100 HTS systems to date are estimated to be over $17 billion.
ABS Gets OK From ANATEL For ABS-3A Ops Over Brazil
The satellite is available to serve a wide range of verticals in Brazil, including mobile backhaul, rural broadband, video, Oil & Gas, and mobility applications.
ILS + Inmarsat Agree Now To A Future Launch
The three initial satellites (Inmarsat-5 F1, Imarsat-5 F2 and Inmarsat-5 F3) together form the first globally available high-speed mobile broadband network, delivered through a single provider.
EUTELSAT 65 West A's Ariane 5 Driver Positioned @ The Launch Zone By Arianespace
Ariane 5's transfer followed the successful launch readiness review that validated the "go" status of the heavy-lift vehicle and its single payload
Tests + Transfer Completed For ORBCOMM's 2Gen Satellites By Builder Sierra Nevada Corporation
All 11 OG2 satellites have begun providing machine-to-machine (M2M) messaging, including Automatic Identification System (AIS) service, to ORBCOMM’s global customers.
CPI's ASC Signal Division Toasts The WTA Event
This is the fourth consecutive year in which CPI ASC Signal Division will present the opening remarks at the ceremony.
Orbital ATK Presenting Their Technologies Next Week In National Harbor, Maryland
New to the Orbital ATK booth this year will be the company’s space launch vehicles, propulsion systems and space logistics services.
A SuperCool Initial Installation By Comtech Xicom Technology
Liquid cooling is available across the high-power end of the amplifier product line from the company.
KenCast Bringing Their Fazzt, Live Event Coverage + Peer-To-Peer Solutions To Next Week's Show
KenCast's Fazzt® Digital Delivery Software enables efficient, reliable, and secure multicast and unicast distribution of large files and live streams over terrestrial and satellite networks.
GeoSync Microwave's BUCs + DOCs Debut
The RF SATCOM frequency bands of L-, C-, X-, Ku-, K- and DBS- are available.
Full Teleport Certification For Signalhorn + Provision Certification for du + Eutelsat Awarded By World Teleport Association
To achieve Full Certification under WTA’s program, a teleport operator completes a +170-item questionnaire and submits it to WTA. 
Satellite Terminals Numbering 2K Heading To SPTI-Boldt In Argentina From Hughes Network Systems
The Hughes system  supports a wide range of bandwidth-intensive applications including VoIP, high-speed Internet access, interactive distance learning, video conferencing and multimedia streaming.
Available Now From SSPI: The 2016 Workforce Report
Is it high attrition among younger employees that leads companies to rely on veterans, or does the reliance on veterans close off career paths for the next generation?
Gilat Satellite  Extreme News  X-Architecture Highlighted @ Satellite 2016
“We enable satellite operators and service providers to maximize the HTS opportunity with our unique X-Architecture."
The 32nd Space Symposium To Feature Top Defense Leaders As Speakers
The 32nd Space Symposium is slated for April 11-14 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Spacebook™ Provider Network Is Expanded By ComSpOC For GEO Debris Threat Tracking
This site is a welcome addition to ComSpOC’s growing ground-based sensor network of over 50 optical sensors, long and short baseline RF interferometric sensor networks on two continents, and two phased array radars.
NSR Airframes + Flat Panel Antennas Match!       
Holy Grail of the satellite world – a cost-competitive, electronically-steered flat panel antennas with an ultra-low profile- would ever be within reach.
Hughes Upgrades Their JUPITER™ System
The new System 6.0 release includes enterprise features that expand addressable market opportunities for operators, such as enhanced routing, satellite backhaul for 3G/4G LTE cellular networks, and dynamic satellite backup for terrestrial services.
Test Of Complex 3-D Printed Injector Successfully Accomplished By Aerojet Rocketdyne
The RL10 development engine, dubbed XR708, included a core main injector built using additive manufacturing technology, often referred to as 3-D printing.
French Navy Vessels To Be Connected To Comcept SATCOM System By Airbus Defence and Space
Comcept is an ‘all IP’ (Internet Protocol) technology broadband satellite communication network whose initial operational capability was brought into service in the French Armed Forces in 2015.
Sierra Nevada's In-Orbit Tests Are A-OK + Transfers In-Orbit Satellite Operations to ORBCOMM
Derived from SNC’s SN-100 bus, the OG2 satellites are spaced within three separate drift orbit planes and the OG2 satellite fleet is now processing more than 60 percent of ORBCOMM’s M2M traffic.
New Corporate Members Join Mobile Satellite Users Association
MSUA is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting SATCOM mobility innovations...
SNG System Project Underway By Hiltron For A Major German Broadcaster
The Hiltron HMCS antenna controller provides a highly efficient line-up procedure for professional satellite systems.
Unmanned Systems Leaders Convene for Summit in Alexandria, Virginia
The Summit will offer a full spectrum viewpoint towards all robotic systems that may be remotely piloted or contain a level of autonomous tasking, and operate on land, sea, air and space domains.
Globalstar's Chipset Is Fermenting New IoT Ideas
Using Globalstar’s satellite communications, B. United can benefit from real-time details about the status of beer in each container, even when it is in transit across the ocean.
In The Hunt For The WTA's Teleport Technology Of The Year Award Is Skyline Communication's DataMiner
DataMiner has already been selected by more than 650 customers in over 100 countries around the world.