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April 30th, 2019

HISPASAT's Amazonas-5 HUB Gateway Manages Mexican Smartellites™ hiSky Terminals

HISPASAT has completed the successful installation of a hub at the company's gateway in Ixtlahuaca del Rayón (Mexico) to manage the Smartellites™ — hiSky terminals that offer MSS (Mobile-satellite services) and IoT solutions through the Amazonas-5 satellite Ka-band that covers 79 percent of the Mexican population. Both companies signed an Agreement in 2017 to jointly commercialize this solution in Spain, Portugal, Latin America and North Africa.

hiSky's Smartelite™ product family.

Artistic rendition of the Amazonas-5 satellite. Image is courtesy of ILS and HISPASAT.

hiSky Smartellite™, a small, portable, easy-to-use terminal, includes a small, flat antenna based on phased-array technology to provide low-capacity MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) and IoT by using the Ka band of HISPASAT satellites. With the new HUB installed in Mexico, hiSky's unique NMS (Network Management System) is capable to control thousands of terminals in the Amazonas-5 Ka-band footprint, by that providing hiSky's services to all, and in low prices to areas with no or low connectivity.

Both companies made several demonstrations in Mexico City of the Smartellite™ MSS and IoT solutions to leading international telecom companies. Thus, more than 12 companies, among them AT&T, Telefónica and iDirect witnessed how the Smartellite™ can offer excellent solutions, emphasizing the scenario of remote monitoring and control system sensors. An accurate, reliable and up to date data is available via satellite without compromising on the location of the sensors or monitoring system and the terminals can interface via WiFi, Bluetooth and LoRaWAN/LoRaPRIVATE. hiSky Smartellite™ terminals also demonstrated the simplicity of making calls by the satellite Ka-band link.

According to Ignacio Sanchis, HISPASAT CCO, the company is happy to announce this great milestone with hiSky and expand the firm's portfolio in Latin America. This will be the first step of a further expansion in Ka-band coverage in the region. The company is excited to start the commercialization of the hiSky service and terminal capabilities. Also, the market is responding very well, which reinforces HISPASAT's commitment to provide innovative solutions that take advantage of the firm's modern and high performance satellite fleet.

Haim Nissim, hiSky Chief Finance Officer who was part of the team in Mexico City, commented that the firm sees great potential in Latin America and is proud to commence activities in this part of the world. Together with HISPASAT, hiSky plans to bring full IoT solutions that will include connecting the farms in the remote locations, allowing connectivity to the Oil&Gas projects in Mexico, providing supply chain management starting with fleet management to containers and trains. All of these will be covered by the company's end-to-end solution up to thje Network Management System. hiSky, together with HISPASAT, also offers the most attractive rates making, it affordable and cost effective for all users both IoT and MSS.