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March 17th, 2015

New Series 7000 Family of VSAT Routers Debuts From Advantech Wireless

[SatNews] Advantech Wireless is revealing today their most advanced technologies implementing innovative feature sets unique in its class of VSAT Routers.

The Series 7000, is a new family of powerful VSAT Routers/modems, answering the operators strive for tangible multi-service solutions. The new product family provisions Advantech Wireless A-SAT-II™ Bandwidth Optimized Satellite System technology, providing more than 50 percent reduction in the satellite bandwidth, through dynamic transmission switching between multiple access schemes achieved by application and volume aware algorithms, literally serving any type of applications using:

  • MF-TDMA (Multi-Frequency-TDMA) required for high variable internet  traffic
  • InterSKYTM-BM-FDMATM (Burst Mode-FDMA) ideally suited for video streaming, cellular backhauling and highly reliable QoS aware Trunking pipes
  • CM-SCPC (Continuous Mode–SCPC) for always on, non- shared mission critical applications


The 7000 family of VSAT routers supports Star, Mesh and Hybrid architectures with dual modulator and dual demodulator units supporting any frequency band: L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka-bands with multiple modem models available for different market applications and verticals such as Cellular Backhauling, SCADA, Broadcasting, Oil and Gas, Enterprise and Corporate, Maritime and Cruise Lines, In-Flight-Entertainment, Homeland Security, Consumer Internet, Military and Mobility.

“Our new Series 7000 family is an order of magnitude more powerful than its predecessors S4120/S5420, contains powerful multicore networking processor and supports over 200 Mbps/100Kpps on Forward Link and 20 Mbps/13kpps on Return Link of sustained data/video/voice throughput as these routers are also equipped with dual ASI inputs and outputs for direct MPEG2/MPEG4 video streaming that could operate simultaneously with IP bidirectional traffic” stated John Landovskis, VP PLM and BD VSAT and Modem Products at Advantech Wireless. “This is a breakthrough technology for VSATs and provides Advantech Wireless with endless applications opportunities for different market segments.”

Visit Advantech Wireless Booth No. 7019 at the Satellite 2015 Conference and Exhibition that will take place March 16th through March 19th, in Washington, DC.