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Current Satellite News
March 17th, 2015
Satellite Operators Announce Expansion... Includes  Satellite Operators: Europe, Middle East, Africa + Commonwealth Of Independent States (CIS)
Preserving access to our spectrum at WRC15 is currently our number one priority and a goal shared by all satellite operators.”
New Series 7000 Family of VSAT Routers Debuts From Advantech Wireless
“This is a breakthrough technology for VSATs and provides Advantech Wireless with endless applications opportunities for different market segments.”—John Landovskis, V.P., Advantech Wireless
Panasonic To Acquire ITC Global...Coverage From Down In The Mines To High In The Sky
Panasonic Avionics’ satellite network already covers 99 percent of all airline flight hours and 98 percent of all maritime traffic routes, and...
SES + Airbus Defense & Space Link w/Terralink...To Boost Africa's Connectivity In Mining, Energy + Humanitarian Sectors
Mining, energy, humanitarian sectors to benefit from high quality managed satcom services delivered jointly by...
SES + Global Eagle Entertainment Improved Capacity x 3...Three SES Satellites
“Our collaborative work with GEE is aimed at enabling this in-flight connectivity solutions leader to go anywhere it wants to grow and innovate to meet the needs of airlines and...”
Allied Minds Announces the Formation of BridgeSat, Inc....Like Minds Think Alike
Aerospace has a long history of developing technologies for space, including 15 years of experience building small satellite technologies for both commercial and government entities.
Airbus Defence and Space + Intelsat...It All Began A Year Ago... Then Maritime VSAT Sales Doubled...Talk About An Epic Satellite 
"As a result, maritime customers are deriving benefits today from a fully integrated, global satellite solution that will progressively and seamlessly incorporate new technology as it becomes available."
Kymeta + Airbus Defence and Space Go Flat w/mTenna™ Flat Panel Satellite Antennas To Maritime Market
These ultra-thin antennas use a holographic approach to electronically acquire, steer, and lock a beam to any satellite.
TeleCommunication Systems Launches Deployable X/Y Antenna System, Tracks Low-Earth + Medium-Earth Orbit Satellites 
Future Department of Defense (DoD) reconnaissance applications will include the use of LEO small satellite technology for quick, cost-effective earth imaging.
Inmarsat Global Xpress + Cobham SATCOM Not All Sailors Are The Same...This Sailor Is Selling Swiftly
also features advanced demodulation and tracking receiver technology that enables it to find and verify the GX satellite in less than a second.