Satnews Daily
September 23rd, 2017

Starlink Could be the Name for SpaceX's Broadband Network, According to Ars Technica

In a fresh posting by Jon Brodkin, the Senior IT Reporter for the Ars Technica infosite, SpaceX has filed trademark applications for the word "Starlink" to describe its planned satellite broadband network.

SpaceX filed applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on August 21 to have Starlink trademarked for "wireless broadband communication services," "high-speed wireless Internet access" and other services related to the firm's upcoming satellite network. The trademark applications were surfaced by a user on Reddit and then made the rounds in news articles. SpaceX is also seeking an additional trademark on "SpaceX" specifically for the satellite network, in addition to the SpaceX trademarks it already owns for aerospace launch vehicles, rockets, and services for launching payloads into space.

A trademark search on the USPTO site for SpaceX turns up trademarks for other well-known SpaceX projects, including "Hyperloop," Dragon," and "Falcon," but it doesn't turn up any other possible names for the satellite broadband network. We asked SpaceX whether Starlink will definitely be the name of its upcoming broadband service, and the company said only that it has "applied for various trademarks in a number of countries as our business grows and our space technologies evolve.” A SpaceX spokesperson did not provide any update on when the satellite service will launch.

To read Mr. Brodkin's entire article, please access this direct link to the Ars Technica news page...