Satnews Daily
February 16th, 2015

The Space Data Association Is Inviting You...

[SatNews] The Space Data Association (SDA) will be holding its Annual User’s Meeting at the Intelsat Headquarters in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, on Monday 16th March.

The SDA is an international non-profit association of satellite operators that supports the controlled, reliable and efficient sharing of space environment and RF spectrum data. The annual meeting enables the group to share its accomplishments and initiatives aimed at improving data sharing and operational best practices. It also serves as a discussion forum, helping the committees and working groups to share and plan the next steps in the various initiatives.
During the meeting, there will be updates from the organization’s various working groups. This will include discussion of a new service to identify and rank-order geolocation solution sets currently being developed within the Space Data Center (the operator-led processing center for sharing and analyzing shared operator data). The Flight Dynamics group will present updates on their work to improve orbital data quality and periodic orbit determination evaluation. There will also be presentations from SDA’s other groups, including its Government group, which has been working with various governmental agencies to secure data sharing agreements, and the Product Development group, which is working to scope out future developments to improve data for the industry.
Mark Rawlins, Chairman, The Space Data Association, said, “The SDA Annual Meeting provides a valuable opportunity for us to meet with users, beneficiaries, dataset providers, and manufacturers, to ensure we are providing our members the best service possible.”
“We are pleased to once again host the SDA User Meeting at our headquarters in Tyson’s Corner,” said Ron Busch, Vice President, Network Engineering, Intelsat. “It is an important event for ensuring best practices in data sharing, and always provides an excellent discussion forum for all involved.”
The Meeting is open to anyone with an interest in the group and its services, but registration is required to secure your place. It takes place from 2:00 p.m., with registration from 1:30 p.m., on Monday, March 16th.

To register, please visit