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December 6th, 2016

Pay As You Go SatTV For Sub Saharan Africa From Azuri Technologies

A UK based provider of PayGo Solar Home Systems, Azuri Technologies and home entertainment satellite provider Zuku, have  launched the first, integrated, pay-as-you-go satellite TV package for rural, off-grid consumers in sub Saharan Africa.

Combining solar home power, TV, satellite dish and Zuku Smart+ entertainment with 48 TV and 21 radio channels, the AzuriTV system targets households outside the power grid offering affordable TV, anytime, anywhere, in one complete PayGo package. Priced at Kshs 149 ($1.50) per day, customers obtain a complete home power package that includes a 24 inch television with built in satellite TV service providing up to five hours of normal viewing per day, four room lights, mobile phone charging and a rechargeable portable radio.

Kenya has more than 12 million households and a TV household penetration rate of only 38.2 percent as of 2015, according to a Research and Markets, Kenya Digital TV Forecasts report, with free-to-air broadcasting near major cities still the primary access method. Customers can enjoy local free-to-air channels, international channels and Zuku branded channels including Zuku Sports, Zuku Swahili, Zuku Kids, Zuku Life Glam and Zuku Nolly.

Customers pay the top-up rate via mobile money, allowing customers to use the system as much as they want for the credit period. After as little as two years of payments, customers will own the equipment and continue to pay only for the satellite service. The service is initially available in selected regions of Central Kenya and will be progressively rolled out nationwide in 2017.

Azuri Technologies CEO Simon Bransfield-Garth reported that solar power has made huge strides. Just a few years ago, a small solar light was new technology. Today,  the company is able to provide a TV and viewing choices that would not look out of place in any major city in the world in a simple, affordable PayGo package.