Satnews Daily
September 18th, 2017

SES Providing NATURAL TV with ASTRA-2G Capacity for West African Audience

NATURAL TV, a Turkish channel featuring health, agriculture, music and cultural content, is extending their reach to the West-African audience, thanks to SES Video’s broadcasting services.

Artistic rendition of the SES ASTRA-2G satellite.

Under the new agreement announced by SES, NATURAL TV will use capacity on SES’s satellite ASTRA 2G as well as uplink services from the SES teleport in Betzdorf, Luxembourg. With a potential audience of five million TV homes in West Africa, the free-to-air channel, broadcast in English, aims at bringing original content from Turkey and increasing cultural awareness in the region.

SES has established a strong presence in West Africa, predominantly in Ghana and Nigeria, where the company reaches two million and 2.81 million TV homes respectively. ASTRA 2G, launched in 2014, is one of SES satellites covering the region from the prime orbital location of 28.2 degrees East.