Satnews Daily
September 9th, 2016

Tangerine & UHP Networks Combine Forces For VSAT Network Roll-Out

Tangerine and UHP Networks have completed the roll-out of an advanced VSAT network that services the needs of broadband customers in North America.

The network operates over the Intelsat EpicNG® platform and uses the latest high throughput satellite (HTS)-ready VSAT technology from UHP Networks. The first phase comprises almost 200 stations delivering broadband services to middle schools and high schools and more terminals will be installed in the coming months.

Alonso Macias, COO of Tangerine Electronics, stated that this network is an important milestone in the development of the VSAT industry in Mexico. Intelsat EpicNG has made Ku-band HTS a reality and the unique coverage characteristics of Intelsat 29e, combined with the VSAT technology from UHP Networks, ensures superior bandwidth efficiency and network availability. A redundant VSAT hub based on the high-performance UHP-200 platform achieving spectrum efficiency in excess of 4 bits/Hz has now been installed and the network benefits from 32APSK, 5 percent spectral roll off and the highest TDMA efficiency and QoS.

Mark Rasmussen, the Vice President, Americas Sales, at Intelsat added that the roll-out of this VSAT network, one of the first on ther Intelsat 29e satellite, clearly demonstrates that the design of this nexgen platform makes it simple for operators to integrate HTS solutions into their network and quickly deliver improved services to end users. Due to the open-architecture, backward-compatible approach, Intelsat 29e can deliver this level of enhanced performance for network operators serving multiple applications throughout the Americas.