Satnews Daily
September 5th, 2017

AN ESA ESOC SMILE for Orbit Communications

Orbit Communications Systems Ltd.'s (TASE: ORBI) Gaia 100 satellite-tracking ground station system, customized with an S/X dual-band 3.7 meter antenna, will be integrated into the ground terminal of ESOC’s Special Mission Infrastructure Lab Environment (SMILE).

The Gaia 100 satellite-tracking antenna. Photo is courtesy of Orbit Communications Systems Ltd.

ESOC’s SMILE facility, which hosts several projects, missions and systems, is a laboratory for prototype testing and validation of operations concepts and technologies. Orbit’s Gaia 100 will provide the facility’s ground terminal with enhanced satellite-tracking capabilities.

Piermario Besso, Head of the Antenna and Infrastructure Section of ESOC’s Ground Systems Engineering Department, revealed that Orbit’s Gaia 100 was the only antenna capable of meeting the organization's specs and also being able to fit on the roof. The combination of compact size, light weight and field-proven technology made it the logical choice for ESOC.

Eitan Livneh, CEO of Orbit, added that the ESOC studies in the realm of human and robotic space travel bring great value to all of mankind.