Satnews Daily
February 15th, 2012

Orbit + Milano Teleport... Duo To Build Supertanker Solution (SATCOM)

[SatNews] ORBIT Communication Systems, a subsidiary of Orbit Technologies Ltd. (TASE:ORBI), and Milano Teleport, the largest independent teleport in Italy, have received new orders....

....for a complete VSAT solution based on ORBIT's OrBand™ C-band VSAT system and Milano Teleport's C-band satellite capacity and value added services. The solution will be installed on supertankers owned by one of the world's leading shipping companies based in Greece. In mid 2011, ORBIT and Milano Teleport supplied the tanker company with a single C-band system, satellite capacity and value added services for testing purposes. The customer examined a broad range of performance parameters to ensure that the C-band VSAT solution was able to meet the complex challenges and demands of maritime communications. The VSAT solution was found to meet these key criteria, which included stringent requirements regarding quality of service and data transfer rates, as well as global coverage. Orbit's OrBand systems together with the services of Milano Teleport will be used by the customer to support various broadband applications, including centralized management and control from company headquarters, VoIP telephony, VPN and internet connectivity for the ship's crew.

Reflecting the success of the initial installation and this new order, the shipping company plans to equip its entire fleet of tankers with this VSAT solution during 2012 and 2013. Accordingly, ORBIT and Milano Teleport anticipate that significant additional orders will be received over this period to meet the broadband communications needs of the entire fleet. ORBIT's recently launched OrBand system represents a new paradigm in maritime C-band VSAT solutions. Small enough to be shipped as a single, fully assembled and tested unit in a standard 20-foot container, OrBand is designed for quick and simple single-day installation. This is a major time-saver vis-à-vis the customary 2-3 days required to install equivalent solutions. The system's extraordinarily compact form factor makes it ideal also for smaller vessels that cannot accommodate traditional C-band solutions. This means that OrBand can be installed while ships are on routine port calls, substantially driving down operational costs and eliminating the need for vessels to await dry dock. OrBand delivers reliable "always on" connectivity in all weather conditions and full global coverage, while offering customers a high level of cost-effectiveness.