Satnews Daily
September 24th, 2018

Aeromexico Selects Viasat In-flight Internet for New Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft ... Accommodates Needs Now and Later

Viasat's (Nasdaq: VSAT) in-flight internet system will be activated across Aeromexico's 18 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, with an option to extend up to 60 aircraft, and the first-line installations have already begun. 

Aeromexico evaluated the Viasat in-flight internet service against competitor offerings and chose Viasat based on its proven, scalable network platform.

Aeromexico’s ability to tap into the ViaSat-2 satellite as well as Viasat’s future satellites, gave the airline great confidence it would be able to offer the best service quality with:

  • Optimal in-flight Wi-Fi reliability for the best and most consistent online experience gate-to-gate.
  • Fast onboard internet speeds ensuring passengers and crew have advanced streaming, downloading and web browsing capabilities.
  • High value internet performance as Viasat’s satellite system offers significant capacity and competitive bandwidth to Aeromexico’s flight routes.
  • A futureproofed approach to in-flight Wi-Fi, that will give Aeromexico access to the top-of-the-market advanced satellite communications system and spacecraft innovations to meet the growing broadband demands of the fully connected aircraft.

Viasat’s in-flight internet system will ensure Aeromexico’s aircraft can stay connected — as the technology is forward and backward compatible across the full fleet of Viasat’s spacecraft. This will give Aeromexico passengers optimal internet streaming and web browsing capabilities when traveling; flight crews the opportunity to stay connected for enhanced passenger services; and operations teams on the ground the ability to perform maintenance tasks when the plane is flying at 35,000 feet.

Andres Castañeda, Chief Marketing Officer, Aeromexico said as Mexico’s global airline, they take great pride in ensuring their passengers have access to the latest innovations and airline comforts. By bringing Viasat in-flight internet on board, they will deliver a top class in-flight Wi-Fi experience for their passengers. They want all of their clients to enjoy a high-quality internet experience in the air, and partnering with Viasat will accomplish that.

Don Buchman, vice president and general manager, Commercial Aviation, Viasat said Aeromexico’s decision to deploy Viasat’s industry-leading in-flight internet system is a testament to their forward-thinking technology approach and their commitment to passenger and crew excellence. Their current service has been recognized by multiple third parties as the best in-flight internet service on the global market, offering high-performance and high-dependability. With ViaSat-2 and subsequently ViaSat-3, they will bring even greater speeds and reliability with built-in scale and flexibility to serve millions of passengers daily as they fly across multiple continents.