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March 13th, 2017

Globalsat's Relationship Just Got Better with Inmarsat ... Appointed Enterprise Distribution Partner In Americas

An enhanced relationship between Globalsast consortium provider of mobile satellite services in the Americas, has been appointed as an Enterprise Distribution Partner to Inmarsat Global, the global mobile satellite operator. This improved situation will enable folks to have access of upcoming products, direct hotlines to operations personnel for faster customer support and a higher level of solutions customization. Globalsat Group is the only Distribution Partner with local affiliated companies in nine countries in the Western Hemisphere.

CEO of Globalsat Group
J. Alberto Palacios

According to Globalsat Group CEO J. Alberto Palacios who commented that their focus on the human factor of satellite communications and their diverse experience across geographical, cultural, technical and regulatory boundaries has enabled them to develop a breadth of expertise. This only increases with every effective solution and every satisfied customer. Gaining Enterprise Distribution Partner status demonstrates the validity of their agile ‘mesh network’ organizational structure and end-user oriented philosophy. This understanding of client requirements allows them to find the right channel solution with their network of experts, resulted in an outstanding level of service. They thank Inmarsat for recognizing this and bringing both of their organizations even closer.

Paul Gudonis, President, Inmarsat Enterprise, commented on the new partnership stating that the Americas are home to several exciting markets, with Latin America and Brazil in particular, demonstrating great dynamism in recent decades. This agreement enables them to tap into Globalsat’s deep understanding of the needs of those markets and its distinct ‘mesh network’ approach, so together they can provide superior customized access to satellite communications services.

And with thousands of Globalsat Group customers depending on these critical communications on a daily basis, this new partnership will enable them to gain competitive advantage through access to innovative products before they reach the general market.