Satnews Daily
February 12th, 2016

New Partners + New Money Highlights Of Space 2.0 Summit

[Satnews] The next chapter in space commercialization is well underway.

With the recent passage of the Space Act, organizations such as DoD, NOAA and NGA are opening up to buying geospatial imagery and data from private providers. Meanwhile, unexpected players like Amazon, Cisco and Google are also entering the game in droves.

Until recently, funding for private space companies has been limited. However, in an era where reusable rockets are becoming a reality, satellites more ubiquitous, and talk of a new kind of gold rush has people circulating the web, investor excitement is on the rise and startup valuations are growing.

Space 2.0 Summit: New Partners + New Money provides the ideal setting for strategy and business development decision-makers to sit down with the disruptors and new money from Silicon Valley—the marquee IT and .com names, the vast swathe of innovators in various industries, the funding sources and the newbies with bold visions.

Don't miss your chance to:

  • Build relationships with the funders and innovators who are re-defining  near-space commerce
  • Gain insights into partnering strategies between new players and incumbent aero defense and satellite value chain
  • Identify the winning business models, strategies and teams in this new era

To learn more and to register, please access this direct link...