Satnews Daily
November 18th, 2013

ARINC + Bingo Airways—Efficiencies Added (Comms)

For further details regarding ARINC, access their infosite via this direct link.
[SatNews] ARINC Incorporated has announced that Bingo Airways, a Polish charter airline service, has signed a new contract for ARINC's AviNet® Mail and GLOBALink ACARS® solutions.

The products will be used to provide Bingo with reliable, cost-effective messaging and increased operational efficiencies.

ARINC's AviNet Mail provides operators with Type B, email and SMS messaging for mission-critical business-to-business communications. ARINC's GLOBALink ACARS solution provides instant air-to-ground and ground-to-air data communication. With flight safety as Bingo's highest priority, the ARINC solutions will give the airline more insight into how its aircraft are performing by maintaining critical, automated, real-time messaging between the flight crew and its maintenance organization.

"Bingo chose ARINC because of our high quality European VHF and Global HF datalink services," said Alexis Hickox, Senior Director, Aviation Solutions. "Our customers are telling us that the combination of superior products, low cost and outstanding service makes ARINC's solution for airlines the best in the industry. We are excited to be working with Bingo Airways."

ARINC Incorporated, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group, provides communications, engineering and integration solutions for commercial and government customers worldwide.