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May 19th, 2014

ASDReports—Military Communications Market Examined (Analysis | Report)

[SatNews] Military communications equipment is now viewed as essential to the functioning of modern armed forces—their role is as a force multiplier, providing; direct link communications and advanced situational awareness to armed forces.

Technological advances in miniaturization, networking, interoperability and satellite communications mean that in recent years the possibility of providing advanced battlefield awareness and connectivity to the armed forces has dramatically increased.

A new 371 page defence study, "The Military Communications Report 2014-2024," is now available on ASDReports, and finds overall market growth over the forecast period as more nations enter the market and technological advances realise new capabilities. A detailed analysis of the latest political, economic and technological trends lies at the heart of the unparalleled quantitative and qualitative analysis of the military communications market, which Visiongain has judged to be worth $16.35bn in 2014, the start of the forecast period covered by this report. This 371 page report is packed with 292 tables, figures and charts that illustrate key trends in the market at the global level, 4 submarkets, and in 15 leading national markets, as well as details of over 300 contracts and programs in the market. These leading national markets have all been broken down into submarkets, with individual forecasts giving a deeper analysis of the market. The report also contains interviews with expert members within the industry and details of more than 300 relevant MILCOM contracts and programs.

The report analyst said, "Our research indicates that the withdrawal of ISAF troops and fiscal pressures in a number of key markets, will lead somewhat to market contraction in the short term. However, the strategic realignment of military efforts and increased investment in SATCOM by a number of leading national markets will provide growth opportunities in these markets over the next decade. Furthermore, increased efforts of nations such as India, Brazil and Turkey to modernize their armed forces will provide significant new market opportunities. It is believed that a lowering of barriers to entry with technological advancements made over the past decade will create new demand for man portable communication and SATCOM systems. This new demand will drive growth within the market and mitigate any contraction in leading markets.”

The Military Communications report will be of impressive value to current, and future, investors into the industry, as well as to companies and research centers who wish to broaden their knowledge of the Military Communications market.

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