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April 14th, 2016

ETL Systems Storms NAB 2016... With Hurricane 64x64 RF Router 

NAB is the launch location for companies to share their newest products or upgrades. ETL Systems has a number of items to show. 

ETL Systems will showcase its new, compact Hurricane Matrix at this year’s NAB Show at the Las Vegas convention center. The new 64 x 64 Hurricane Matrix is the smallest matrix of its kind in the market with inclusive LNB powering in a 4U compact, modular chassis. Hurricane’s flexible design offers optimized performance and a range of individual options to suit a particular set of RF needs, such as fiber inputs, variable gain and variable slope. The 850-2450 MHz operating frequency allows for Ka-band and HTS applications, while minimizing power consumption as only active routes are powered.

Also on show at the NAB exhibition, which runs from April 18 to April 21, will be ETL’s RF over fiber range—StingRay. As the most compact fiber chassis on the market and the first product of its kind to introduce hot-swap power supply units (PSU) in a 1U RF over fiber chassis, StingRay addresses the growing number of satellite teleports requiring reliable fiber links. It also features local, as well as remote control and monitoring facilities.

For flexible and resilient L-band signal management, ETL will also be displaying the Dextra series of high performance L-band splitters and combiners as well as the compact 4U high modular system; which can hold up to 16 RF modules, including a mix of splitters, combiners, switches and amplifiers.

Susan Saadat, ETL’s Vice President of Americas will be among ETL representatives at the event to demonstrate the range of products and highlight ETL’s quarter of a century of experience in designing award-winning RF equipment.

There will be demonstrations at NAB SHOW 2016 including:

    ETL Systems’ 64x64 Hurricane L-band Matrix: The Hurricane Matrix includes a 4U compact, modular design. Ka-band ready for HTS applications (850-2450 MHz operating frequency range) and can be purchased with a range of individual options to suit a particular set of RF needs. The new design offers flexibility and optimized performance, including fiber inputs on modules which allow fiber optic link cables to be connected directly to the matrix, LNB powering options on matrix inputs, eliminating the need for a separate LNB power supply unit, RF detection to monitor signal levels for optimum signal quality, and variable gain and variable slope compensation options. The Matrix’s energy efficient amplifiers are only switched on for active paths, minimizing power consumption.
  • ETL Systems’ Stingray RF Over fiber: Building on existing RF expertise, the new range provides a unique design for high isolation applications. “This is the most compact unit of its kind on the market, capable of fitting the greatest number of hot-swap transmit and receive fiber modules in the smallest space,” said Dr Esen Bayar, Technical Director of ETL Systems. “We have focused on excellent module to module isolation and this StingRay fiber chassis helps satellite teleports with transition distances options from to 10km up to 50km.” 
  • ETL Systems’ Dextra Splitters and Combiners: A new range of web-enabled professional splitters and combiners to cover the L-band frequency range will be available to view at NAB SHOW. The new Dextra series includes 4-way and 8-way splitters and combiners in both single and dual configurations and 16-way splitters and combiners, available as single units. The range offers consistently excellent RF performance, including high linearity and low noise figure, and outperforms some of the more expensive models available. 
  • ETL Systems’ Modular System for L-band signal management: The system comprises a chassis which accommodates up to 16 RF modules including a mix of splitter, combiner, switch and amplifier modules. These are constructed from ETL’s high performance technology building blocks and can be inserted while the shelf is in service giving excellent levels of flexibility and resilience.
  • ETL Systems’ Piranha Power Inserter units: The Piranha Power Inserter units provide DC powering options in a compact 1U high 19” chassis for a range of components and devices in satellite ground station RF and power distribution chains. The units feature RF input monitoring for LNB and BUC power inserter modules, Ka-band and HTS applications (with 850-2450 MHz operating frequency range) as well as SMART load monitoring from 110W, 200W and 600W power supply module options for energy efficient consumption. The units are compact and expandable, housing up to 16 power inserter modules in a 1U high chassis, and a range of chassis, power supply modules and power inserter modules are available to suit a particular set of RF needs.
  • ETL Systems’ LS Series Monitoring Switch Upgrade: The LS Series Monitoring Switch Upgrade includes improved local control and monitoring facilities with front panel now featuring a keypad and display panel, as well as improved overall performance such as return loss, isolation and faster switching time.