Satnews Daily
February 11th, 2011

Comtech Xicom Technology... X Marks The New BUC (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Comtech Xicom Technology has debued a new 50 watt solid-state X-band SATCOM BUC, the Model XTS-50X1-B1 X-BUC, which takes advantage of new X-band capacity on Xtar and Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellites.

Higher power in a compact package enables system integrators to offer much higher data-rate uplinks with rugged, compact, transportable, SATCOM terminals. The X-BUC provides 50 Watts of 1 dB compressed output power in a self-cooled, feed-mountable, package specifically designed to operate in harsh environments and meet the stringent RF requirements of today’s X-band systems. This high performance design provides more than 32 watts of linear output power as defined for the WGS system, making it the most powerful 10.5 pound X-band unit anywhere. The new X-BUC, is packed full of performance features including temperature compensation, gain control, harmonic filtering, and an output isolator. All this comes in a compact outdoor unit weighing 10.5 pounds and measuring only 10.58 inches long x 5.68 inches high x 4.43 inches high.

This new X-BUC is targeted at SATCOM users who need very compact and cost effective transportable solutions that give them new options for today’s oversubscribed satellite communications bandwidth situation. For the X-BUC, in addition to reliability and ease of use, we focused on being very powerful, very small, very light and priced for the competitive market.