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May 16th, 2015

A New iDirection Through Azercosmos For NSTT MENA + Central Asian Services

[SatNews] Azercosmos OJSCo. has signed an agreement with Network Satellite Technology Trading (NSTT), a leading service provider company of the United Arab Emirates.

According to the agreement, NSTT will use Azerspace-1 satellite resources to deliver more reliable and competitive telecommunications services to its customers. Networking solutions, Internet access services, voice, video, and other broadcasting services will be provided on iDirect platform across Africa, Central Asia, as well as Middle East.

Azercosmos operates Azerspace-1, the telecommunication satellite, has been on orbit for 15 years and was launched in February of 2013. The satellite is equipped with 36 transponders: 24 in C- and 12 in Ku-band, from the orbital slot at 46 degrees East. In December 2014, Azercosmos acquired the rights to operate and commercialize Azersky, a high resolution (1.5m imagery products) optical Earth Observation(EO)  satellite and entered into EO commercial observation services, including Geo-Information services. Strategic development plans of the company include enhancing the coverage area and spectrum of services by launching the second telecommunications satellite, Azerspace-2, at 45 degrees East with very high resolution optical capabilities.

NSTT offers communication networking satellite-related services, Internet access and media broadcasting services. Such include satellite Internet services, SCPC/DVB-S2 services, mesh services, Point to Point services, Point to Multi-point services, broadcasting and media services, Virtual Private Networks, VNO Solutions as well as ISP and GSM Backhauling. The company's offerings are for government, oil&gas, telecom providers, maritime, health, financial and aircraft sectors.