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January 5th, 2014

Taiwan—Homegrown Satellite + Rocket Take Off (Launch)

The team of students pose for a photo along with their professor Chang Chi-wei, left.
Photo courtesy of China Times.

[SatNews] A group of Taiwanese students from National Central University's (NCU) Advanced Rocket Research Center (ARRC) succeeded in launching a satellite they made themselves with an APPL-7II rocket, which they also made, marking the first time in Taiwan's academic history that university students have managed such a feat.

The CanSat, the satellite they built, is supposed to test the rocket's capabilities to navigate with GPS, report temperatures, record atmospheric pressure and transfer data through vibrations. This is reportedly the first time this year that the ARRC has cooperated with the National Space Organization's rocket team to allow students to experience how different systems can be integrated in an extremely restricted space.

The satellite also goes by another name "Ah-Liang No. 1," Ah-Liang being the name of a dog living on the NCU campus. The students integrated previous experiences obtained from an experiment in which Ah-Liang provided help, which is why they nicknamed the satellite after him.

(Source: WantChinaTimes)