Satnews Daily
September 25th, 2017

For ABS OU Services, SIS LIVE Launches New Gateway Service

SIS LIVE and satellite operator ABS have launched a new SIS LIVE Gateway Service solution for ABS Occasional Use (OU) services.

The SIS LIVE Gateway Service offers broadcasters and service providers a flexible and reliable OU platform at competitive rates and offers OU booking services and satellite line-up support for the Ku-band European beam capacity of the ABS-3A satellite. ABS-3 is located at 3 degrees W, which connects the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

From left to right: Mohamed Youssif of ABS and
David Meynell of SIS LIVE.

The service is managed in collaboration with ABS technical and operational staff through SIS LIVE’s highly experienced OU booking desk and MCR technical staff using SIS LIVE’s teleports and connectivity infrastructure. The gateway service serves ABS customers, providing an effective and competitive platform to deliver video and data feeds to the widest broadcasters’ community in Europe.
ABS CEO Tom Choi said that SIS LIVE is highly regarded, with a deep understanding of the OU market on multiple platforms, and for multiple applications. This is a major boost for both companies that will further enhance their respective businesses overall. The ability to provide this new platform will accelerate the development of new opportunities in Europe and potentially other markets in the future.
SIS LIVE Managing Director David Meynell added their company is delighted to couple their respective areas of expertise with ABS in the provision of these new services. This SIS LIVE Gateway Services offering enables customers to take advantage of the world-class broadcast assets and expertise of both companies to tailor a unique OPEX model that precisely suits their needs.