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July 22nd, 2016

DataPath® Makes 'em Man Packable And Receives Inmarsat Global Xpress Type Approval

Man-Portable Terminal Quick Case TechnologyTM (QCT) 90

DataPath's new QCT90 man-packable antenna has achieved full Inmarsat Type Approval which expands their service and greatly helps their ability to support a larger variety of customers.  In addition this further expands DataPath's ability to support customers as a service provider of Inmarsat GX solutions. 

DataPath has previously achieved Inmarsat full Type Approval for use on GX's military Ka-band frequencies for the company's CCT120 and CCT200 fly-away terminals, DA120 drive-away terminal and STT 208 trailer-based antenna systems.

As an approved Inmarsat Government GX satellite service provider in both commercial and military Ka-band frequencies, DataPath's QCT90 man-pack terminal was designed for both simplicity and ruggedness to deliver quick connectivity in remote locations.  

The 90-cm antenna's carbon fiber reflector and cast magnesium frame are durable and light weight and the fully integrated design avoids loose cables and includes a GPS-enabled graphical user interface (GUI). The QCT90 fits into a single back-pack style case. 

Inmarsat Global Xpress' plug-and-play, high-throughput satellite connectivity service supports high definition voice, video and data applications through a single operator.  Its secure beam-to-beam handover capabilities and worldwide coverage make it ideal for global airborne, naval and land operations. 

David Myers, President & CEO of DataPath stated, "To ensure the success of their missions, our customers must count on their communications partners to deliver reliable, comprehensive solutions.  We are excited to work with Inmarsat to provide easy-to-use and cost effective end-to-end communications solutions that combine not only terminals and high-throughput Inmarsat connectivity, but also our MaxView® Enterprise™ network management software, advanced network mobility products, 24 x 7 cyber security services, and professional and field support services."