Satnews Daily
September 16th, 2017

Corrected Version: Demo of DCB-SX2 Over IS-29e HTS Southern Hemisphere Beam Accomplished by Advantech Wireless

Advantech Wireless has successfully implemented DVB-S2X with the company's ASAT-II™ System over the recently launched IS-29e High-Throughput Satellite’s (HTS) southern hemisphere spot beams.

In the presence of representatives from a major global satellite operator, during a live installation and demonstration in Latin America, a national TV broadcaster and a system integrator were able to achieve the highest bandwidth efficiency over the IS-29e HTS’s southern hemisphere spot beams for the first time ever.

Advantech Wireless ASAT II™ Systems.

Using the high MODCOD (32APSK, rate 3/4 with a 5 percent Roll-off) of the latest DVB-S2 standard, which is unmatched and significantly outstanding compared to a the previously seen 20 percent Roll-off. Video, data and VoIP with high quality, encouragingly exhibited by an extremely high compression ratio applied on typical traffic, managed to achieve the highest seen efficiency after compression and acceleration.

According to the company, all in attendance were impressed and particularly satisfied with the Advantech Wireless ASAT-II™ platform, including the ASAT-II™ HUB and the E7000 DVB-S2X Terminals’ performance. As well as witnessing the unique ability of on-the-fly switching between SCPC and MF-TDMA modes, enabling dynamic waveform usage as best suited for ever changing applications.

David Gelerman, Chief Executive Officer, Advantech Wireless.

President and CEO of Advantech Wireless, David Gelerman, said the company is quite pleased with how everyone present was impressed and delighted to see what Advantech's advanced technology is able to achieve — this keeps in tradition with the firm's continued strengths as a best-in-class industry leader across all of their product lines.