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May 22nd, 2017

SATCOM to Assist with China's “One Belt and One Road” Program

Last month, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and China Railway Signal and Communication Co., Ltd. (CRSC) signed strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, with the aim being to implement the strategic deployment of the national information security construction, strengthen the R&D and manufacturing of independently controllable products as well as guarantee the operation safety and reliability of major projects (such as high-speed railways) and jointly explore overseas markets — the two parties have now officially established a long-term strategic partnership in an all-around manner.
The content of the agreement includes: the two parties will carry out cooperation in areas such as satellite applications, electronic information products, control and reliability engineering, environment reliability technology and special equipment. Both Parties shall positively change thinking models, innovate and develop cooperation models, establish a long-term cooperation mechanism, coordinate and advance the implementation of cooperation projects regularly, and seek new cooperative projects.

At present, CASC is speeding up the construction to make China a space power, and great support from CRSC is in demand. Meanwhile, CRSC is a key enterprise participating the “One Belt and One Road” Project — it is CASC’s obligation to provide assistance. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement signals the deepening of cooperation between the two Parties. Mr. Lei is confident that the cooperation will yield substantial results and make significant contribution to the national economy.

CRSC is a large enterprises directly under the central government and has a full industrial chain of railway transportation control, including system integration, scientific design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation and technology service. It is the designing unit of China’s railway communication signal system format and standard specification. With its markets covering different sectors such as railways, urban rail transit, express highways, urban analysis, airports, harbors and mine railway both at home and abroad, it is at the leading position in terms of industrial control and influence. CRSC has obtained a large amount of significant scientific and technology achievements that reach or approach advanced international standards, by which it has provided great technical support to the modernization and construction of urban rail transit of China.

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