Satnews Daily
September 4th, 2017

SES Capacity Increase Deal with Bluesky Cook Islands

Bluesky Cook Islands, the sole provider of fixed phone, mobile and broadband services to the Cook Islands, has increased the amount of satellite capacity they are using from SES Networks in order to launch 4G+ service to Rarotonga and Aitutaki, the two key cities of the island nation.

The increased capacity, delivered on the low latency, high throughput O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) fleet, will also allow the extension of 4G/LTE mobile backhaul service to the country’s outer islands, and faster and dedicated broadband service for the Cook Islands Ministry of Education. The Cook Islands was the first market to use SES Networks’ innovative O3b MEO satellite system in 2014 to deliver 3G/ 4G services to the remote nation.

The new agreement signed with SES Networks is part of Bluesky Cook Islands’ substantial network upgrade. The launch of 4G+, said to currently be the world’s fastest commercial mobile network technology, demonstrates Bluesky’s ongoing commitment to offer new and innovative products and services to its customers.

The Cook Islands Ministry of Education will use the increased and faster connectivity from Bluesky to enhance educational programs which will directly benefit the learning experience for students of all ages across the country. Bluesky and the Ministry are jointly developing a virtual education network portal, enabling students, teachers and institutions to exchange educational and teacher training material, develop additional curricular content material and promote a new culture of information and communication.

Bluesky Country Manager, Phillip Henderson, noted that the O3b fleet, instrumental in providing the fiber-equivalent performance needed to roll out the 4G+ service, has made an enormous difference to our subscribers over the last three years.

Imran Malik, VP, Fixed Data, Asia-Pacific for SES Networks, added that with the increased capacity, Bluesky and the Cook Islands are demonstrating their solid support for SES solutions, as well as the continued strong growth in demand for data in their market.