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March 23rd, 2016

Globecomm Reporting Rapid Rise For Their Globecomm VSAT Offerings

[Satnews] Globecomm has reported the rapid adoption of their new global VSAT service.

Globecomm VSAT, powered by iDirect is a high-capacity satellite solution designed to deliver ‘industrial strength’ connectivity to fixed and mobile assets on a global basis. The service provides a broad range of high-throughput applications over a robust, flexible and scalable network designed specifically to deliver shared services and private networks to customers in maritime and energy markets.

Globecomm's global VSAT coverage.

The state-of-the-art global VSAT network is built on the iDirect Evolution IP-based platform which supports automatic beam switching as well as access to High Throughput Satellite services. Globecomm customers will have access to Ku, Ka and C-Band services with a coverage footprint of the major ocean regions that is among the best available in maritime VSAT.

Globecomm’s customers operate vessels ranging from fishing boats to the largest merchant ships. The connectivity it provides is used for every conceivable application from voice calling and video chat to operational and safety data. In addition to supporting greater operational efficiency, VSAT is critical to providing improved levels of internet access to both crews and passengers.

Malcolm McMaster, Vice President of Globecomm’s Transport Vertical, said customers are increasingly seeking access to VSAT services from a trusted partner. “The Globecomm VSAT service was developed to meet the demand from maritime customers for a global solution from a provider that already serves 4,000 vessels. It has been designed to be powerful but simple to implement; we have done the hard work, meaning that new and existing customers can quickly begin to experience the benefits that high-throughput connectivity can deliver.”

In September of 2015, Briese Schiffahrts, a major German ship operator and one of Globecomm’s most loyal maritime customers, became one of the first companies to install the latest generation of Globecomm’s iDirect Evolution-based VSAT service. Briese was so impressed with the service that the company has decided to roll it out to additional ships. Holger Börchers, the IT Manager for Briese, said, “Globecomm VSAT has proven to be an extremely reliable service and has enabled us to provide our crews with increased and more cost-effective access to Internet and voice services. Globecomm’s Nimbus managed service platform enables the crew to surf the Internet, and their Access GSM service allows the crew to make and receive voice calls using their own handsets.”

MariConnect, Globecomm’s key reseller in Iceland for the fishing market, delivered service to the first beta customer on the new network and feedback has been very positive. MariConnect now has over 30 vessels using Globecomm VSAT service. President Höskuldur Darri Ellertsson said, “The captains and crews of our customers’ vessels tell us they are very happy with the performance of all the services we’re delivering via Globecomm’s VSAT network, such as internet browsing, email, M2M traffic and multimedia. They also report excellent voice quality via the MariConnect voice gateway which is testament to the network’s ability to support real-time applications using advanced Quality of Service techniques.”