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March 3rd, 2014

NSR—An Energy-Filled Entry (Analysis | Reports)

[SatNews] NSR’s Energy Markets via Satellite, 4th Edition, provides the industry-leading, dedicated analysis on the energy markets—from pipeline SCADA applications to semi-submersible drilling platforms.

Continuing the expanded focus, this edition provides readers a complete, detailed view into the unique characteristics of the O&G, Mining, and Utility verticals. Using both qualitative and quantitative factors, the report provides readers the market opportunity for each market for bandwidth, in-service units, and revenues. With expanded focus into the stabilized microwave market for the Offshore O&G market, readers get a complete analysis of remote connectivity for the energy market. Energy Markets via Satellite, 4th Edition navigates through the key trends, drivers and restraints shaping the energy market.

The report provides answers to these key questions facing the industry:

  • How much and in what frequencies of bandwidth will energy market end-users demand over the next ten years? Where do stabilized terrestrial microwave solutions fit? What is the opportunity?
  • How do GEO-HTS and MEO-HTS fit into the connectivity portfolio for energy market end-users? Which matters most: frequency or network architecture? Where does that leave FSS players? Where is there the play for narrowband solutions?
  • Where does the growth end for Energy Markets? Does the onshore boom in North America translate into other markets? Does the Mining vertical present a growth-opportunity for SATCOM services?
  • Is the smarter-grid ever coming? Does Distributed Generation present an opportunity for SATCOM services?
  • What are the expected in-service units, ARPU, service and equipment revenues, and bandwidth demand for the Energy Markets?

Building off the legacy of NSR’s energy-market study, NSR’s Energy Markets via Satellite, 4th Edition, provides readers with in-depth coverage of all vital energy markets—Oil & Gas, Mining, and Electrical Utilities. From Offshore Rigs and Service Vessels to the latest developments in Renewable Energy, the report provides detailed analysis of key industry metrics—from in-service units to revenues to satellite capacity.

As the industry begins adoption of HTS-based services, the report explorers the interplay between MSS, FSS, HTS, and stabilized microwave capacity and in what direction the industry is heading- from bandwidth heavy FPSO sites to the latest developments in substation automation. With pole-to-pole geographic coverage, Energy Markets via Satellite, 4th Edition continues to explore the dynamic nature of the energy markets and the role of satellite communications.

You may pre-order this report at http://www.nsr.com/order/640/