Satnews Daily
November 16th, 2016

Globalstar's STINGR Takes The Bite Out Of Asset Tracking 

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd,(NYSE MKT: GSAT) will launch a  new product at this year's EMEA market at Intermodal Europe 2016, in Rotterdam, November 15th – 17th at stand A66.    

STINGR integrates Globalstar’s market-leading STX3 simplex satellite transmitter with a high-performance GPS receiver and a dual band antenna, making it easy for Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop IoT-based solutions for remote sensing, tracking and monitoring of assets including rail cars, trucks and ships. 

The Globalstar simplex satellite network allows STINGR to provide an affordable way to transmit rich IoT data from small, low cost devices even when beyond the reach of mobile coverage. At just 45 x 47 x 6.3mm, STINGR is about the size of an after-dinner mint. Its small size and affordability gives VARs and OEMs the flexibility to easily integrate the module into a wide range of mobile asset tracking solutions for monitoring a broad array of items and cargo, including liquid petroleum gas (LPG) tanks, rail cars, trucks and boats, even in the middle of the ocean. The STX3 chip increases the reliability of message delivery by transmitting each message at intervals so there is an increased likelihood of reaching multiple satellites.

Global star STINGR Satellite Transmitter Integrated GPS Receiver Powered by the world's most modern satellite network. 

At Intermodal 2016, Globalstar will also highlight its SmartOne C plug and play simplex asset manager, which enables supply chain partners to enhance operations and cut costs. Like the SmartOne B, it uses sensors and comparative GPS positions to gather and transmit information such as movement and location reports, geo-fencing alerts, stop/start messaging and theft recovery alerts via email or text message, using Globalstar's satellite network. It also transmits battery status, input alarm status and diagnostic information. 

A number of VARs have integrated SmartOne and STX3 into their solutions to extend the reach and reliability of their communications:

  • FAGOR Electrónica’s truck tracking solution uses SmartOne to monitor vehicle location, engine usage and mileage even when the vehicle is outside the GSM range. It automatically switches between GSM communications and satellite for optimum reach, reliability and cost efficiency.
  • Identec Solutions’ iQ350LX GPS/SAT allows customers to manage assets using both low power, long-range Active RFID as well as reliable satellite transmissions. ATEX-certified, the STX3-based solution instantly reports when the asset has experienced damage or shock. 
  • The Ovinto Sat STX3-based solution helps manufacturers minimise the risk when transporting dangerous cargo while optimising supply chain operations. Ovinto Sat allows oil/gas and petrochemical companies such as SABIC, to monitor assets and cargo, including potentially hazardous materials, in unpowered environments such as rail tank cars and tank containers. Satellite is the preferred option due to its availability, reliability and low power consumption compared to GSM.


Corry Brennan, Simplex Regional Sales Manager at Globalstar said, “STINGR allows us to offer a complete tracking solution in a single module dramatically reducing the design effort involved in building compact and efficient satellite communications devices. We look forward to working with our highly creative VAR and OEM partners across EMEA to develop satellite solutions based on STINGR that help organizations of all kinds leverage the power of IoT, especially those in the multi-modal space.”