Satnews Daily
September 12th, 2019

Mission Microwave Enables Intellian Ka-Band Terminals for HTS and LEO Satellite Networks

Mission Microwave Technologies, LLC and Intellian have confirmed their progress in building extremely high throughput terminals for newly launched Ka-band capacity and the completion of early deployment trials on a LEO constellation.

Mission Microwave's wideband Ka-band Javelin Block Up Converter (BUC).

Photo is courtesy of the company.

Intellian has designed high capacity mobile terminals for the rapidly growing Ka-band HTS (High Throughput Satellite) market and needed to be able to offer high power Ka-band solutions to support wide bandwidths and up to 32-ary advance modulation schemes.  Based on Intellian’s prior and on ongoing work with Mission Microwave the companies have aligned their engineering efforts to create an exceptional product offer for maritime, mobile and LEO/MEO satellite operators.
Mission Microwave is providing a range of Ka- and Ku-band Block Upconverters to Intellian with power levels up to 400 watts. Mission’s core capabilities in designing compact and highly efficient amplifiers have enabled Intellian to produce high performance terminals with industry leading efficiency and reliability that are now operating over HTS and LEO networks.

The terminal systems provided by Intellian will provide connectivity to new generation networks operating beyond the reach of high capacity terrestrial and traditional satellite services. Intellian’s terminals rely on Mission’s BUCs providing reliable high performance in a compact and efficient package with state-of-the-art monitor and control capabilities to assure terminal performance in a range of challenging environments.
Mission Microwave continues to be at the forefront of the satellite terminal industry in shipping high power Ku- and Ka-Band BUCs for mobile applications in ground, maritime and other applications for both government and commercial industry sectors that require high efficiency, reliability and performance. Mission Microwave is exhibiting September 13-16 at the International Broadcasting Convention at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Steve Richeson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Mission Microwave, said the company has has developed a working relationship with Intellian that is beneficial to the firm's joint customer base of satellite operators, service providers and end-users. Both companies have found a common goal in building a loyal and successful customer base using the most advanced technology available and providing those technologies in a commercial product with a proven long-term value. Intellian’s engineers have a thorough understanding of the requirements for mobile and tracking terminals and their team enjoyed working with them to overcome the challenges for this demanding commercial application of the company's products.
Jim Hatcher, Senior Director of Product Management, said customers demand that they be provided with optimal solutions in terms of reliability, price and performance. The Mission Microwave products have inspired the industry with their dramatic increases in performance and reliability in an efficient and elegantly designed package. Intellian has found the Mission Microwave BUCs to be an enabling technology to help serve the firm's customers better and to expand into new market segments.