Satnews Daily
September 29th, 2010

Thuraya... Turkish Service Support (SATCOM)

[SatNews] A commercial agreement between Thuraya and the Turkish firm TEKNOMOBIL has been signed by both firms, whereby the latter was appointed as a service provider for Thuraya IP, the world’s smallest and most portable satellite broadband solution.

Thuraya IP is a uniquely compact A-5 sized satellite broadband solution that meets the needs of target customers such as oil and gas, government, maritime, large corporate, Non-Government Organisations, defense, broadcast media and individual users. The solution offers full mobility with its broadband service and speeds up to 444 Kbps. It is the only terminal to reach streaming speeds of 384 Kbps in its size category for reliable video transmission. Thuraya IP is based on a user-friendly plug and play system and is the only satellite broadband solution offering flexible asymmetric streaming where customers can select download and upload speeds making it efficient and cost-effective. TEKNOMOBIL is one of Thuraya’s service providers in Turkey and currently distributes a range of Thuraya products such as the Company’s satellite handheld phones.