Satnews Daily
February 25th, 2018

WORK Microwave to Demo an All-IP Platform at DC Show

As one of the few satellite technologies providers offering an end-to-end solution for wideband applications, including an advanced modem, modulator, and demodulator, WORK Microwave enables operators to adapt to future requirements, including the next-generation DVB-S2X standard, with ease and affordability.

At Satellite 2018, WORK Microwave will demonstrate their all-IP platform, which provides operators with increased flexibility, scalability, and a future-proof solution. WORK Microwave supports a wide range of use cases, such as outbound carrier for the HTS/UHTS/UHDS VSAT system, IP trunking, cable/fiber restoration, and HD image downloading in Earth Observation.

NEW 3-Channel, V-Band Block Upconverter
WORK Microwave will demonstrate its new 3-channel, V-band block upconverter at Satellite 2018. Adding support for higher frequencies, between 47.2 to 51.40 GHz, enables operators to optimize the use of Ultra High Throughput Satellites (UHTS).
     V-band support is available for WORK Microwave's entire range of frequency converters, including IF, block, and tracking. As one of the industry's first SATCOM solutions providers to support the full V-band spectrum, WORK Microwave leads the industry in helping satellite operators expand their capacity to keep pace with the demanding communications requirements fueled by bandwidth-intensive broadcast and data services. The new V-band upconverter is perfect for early laboratory testing and has already been requested by global satellite operators to support secure, high-performance communications projects.

A-Series AX-80 Wideband All-IP Platform
WORK Microwave's AX-80 Series of FPGA-based satellite modem, modulator, and demodulator platforms will be a key highlight at SATELLITE 2018. The AX-80 product line is based on a powerful architecture that supports the new DVB-S2X standard for ultra-wideband transponders up to 500 Mbps. DVB-S2X features include higher modulation schemes up to 256APSK, a finer granularity of ModCods, and advanced filtering. Beyond DVB-S2X, the AX-80 platform can be extended to customized waveforms and user-defined data processing. Through an all-IP structure, the platform supports native network operation as well as data streaming over IP, providing satellite operators with the flexibility that is absolutely critical in today's fast-changing connected world.