Satnews Daily
September 9th, 2016

Newtec Has A Lot Of K-LOVE

Newtec has been selected by Educational Media Foundation (EMF) to retrofit all of their K-LOVE and Air1 radio stations with the Newtec Dialog® platform, which will be installed in more than 500 sites throughout the US.

Newtec Dialog hubs at two locations will multiplex EMF’s outbound radio signal, which can be received by standard, commercial off-the-shelf Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs) as well as VSAT modems. This set-up will enable geographically redundant broadcast services, while the hub also allows the distribution carrier to be shared with the VSAT forward link, reducing the space segment required.

Newtec has already equipped and connected more than 100 remote sites to the new network, with hundreds more to be upgraded in the coming months. The Newtec system will create a bi-directional IP pipe to radio towers to control and monitor EMF’s remote sites which are spread over a vast geographical area.

As a multiservice platform, Newtec Dialog enables tailored services and guarantees optimal modulation, bandwidth allocation, service availability, reliable automation of link setups and flexible workflow support, whether being used to provide broadcast, consumer broadband, cellular backhaul or mobility services. The platform also features Newtec’s return link technology Mx-DMA®, which delivers the efficiency of SCPC with the dynamic bandwidth allocation of MF-TDMA.

The installation for EMF is being coordinated by a multi-national team comprising of engineers from Newtec’s US and Belgian offices, strengthening and expanding the knowledge and expertise of Newtec Dialog throughout the company’s regional offices.

Sam Wallington, Vice President of Engineering at EMF, reported that Newtec Dialog provides an efficient use of his company's space segment and improves the ability to remotely manage the sites.

According to Slava Frayter, Newtec’s Vice President Americas, the Newtec Dialog platform is equipped to address the needs and challenges of the modern broadcast transmission market—round-the-clock broadcasting requires high reliability and service availability and this is what Newtec Dialog provides, ensuring that both K-LOVE and Air1 meet the requirements and expectations of consumers, even when they are in a very remote location.