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June 9th, 2015

A New COTM Link For Military Vehicles + UAS From CPI

[SatNews] Communications & Power Industries (CPI) in Camarillo, Calif., has rolled-out their GMA-100QB antenna system to link military ground vehicles with unmanned aircraft.

CPI's GMA-100QB antenna system.

The GMA-100QB Communications-On-The-Move antenna (COTM) provides On-The-Move (OTM), Line Of Sight (LOS) bi-directional communications capability to link military vehicles to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in L-, S-, C-, and Ku-bands. Capable of Churchville B OTM performance, the GMA-100QB is equipped with high performance motors and drives on both axes to handle high dynamic loads.

The antenna is stabilized by internal AHRS, allowing independence from vehicle data. The receiver with built in received signal strength indicator (RSSI) enables the antenna to scan the sky rapidly for available signals and point to the desired airborne asset, eliminating the delay of external modem decoding of the signal. Embedded amplifiers on transmit/receive at all bands allow a full communications system with only the addition of external DC power and a modem.

The GMA-100QB includes a compact multiband high gain directional antenna array, enabling long range LOS datalinks, and a broadband omnidirectional antenna for close-in/overhead communications. Frequency band and antenna selection is electronically commanded.